Strategic Marketing

The world is generally a large market place and the need for marketers cannot be overemphasized. A flare for sales and brand positioning is not enough, honing these skills with a Master’s level course in strategic marketing will provide extensive knowledge.

Now, it’s easier to get a Master’s degree in strategic marketing by studying abroad at a reputable university. Certain institutions have study abroad programs that accommodate international students seeking to build on their existing knowledge.

Students don’t necessarily have to travel, as they can enroll in an online study abroad program and still get the same benefits from pursuing a Master’s degree in strategic marketing. While studying, students will explore fundamental areas like consumer behavior and research, strategic marketing management, marketing communications, and many more topics.

Best Country To Study The Course 

The UK is the best place to study marketing and also specialize in strategic marketing. There are a variety of courses and electives that expose students to certain experiences that will be good for their careers.

Duration of course

3 years for Bachelor’s Degree

2 years for Master’s Degree

Job roles

Strategic Marketing Manager, Marketing Copywriter, Brand Marketing Manager, Social Media Marketer, and Specialists

Recruiting companies

Creative Branding Agency, Financial Firm, Hospitality, Content Agency, Public Sectors, Insurance Firms, Manufacturing, etc.

Average package

Ranges from 13 to 28 LPA

Top 5 universities.

HEC Paris

Imperial College Business


Columbia Business School

Manchester (Alliance) Business School

EMLyon Business School

Marketing is an essential part of our day-to-day activities and lots of companies require the services of a competent marketer. You can study in other countries like the US to gain more exposure.

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