Exclusive Webinar with Dr. Supraja, M.D

How To Become a Doctor in the US!

Discover the Benefits of the Fast Track Pathway from a Successful Cardiology Fellow at Maimonides Medical Center, New York!

USA Approvals, Accreditations & Recognitions for the 5 Year MD Program

Why should YOU attend?

  • Join us for an exclusive webinar with Dr. Supraja, M.D., a successful Cardiology Fellow from Maimonides Medical Center, New York. 
  • Discover the streamlined Fast Track Pathway to medical success in the USA. Dr. Supraja, having navigated this path herself, offers unique insights and guidance, making her the perfect mentor to follow if you’re aiming to succeed in your medical career. 
  • Here’s why attending this webinar is essential:

  • Direct Guidance from an Experienced Professional

    Learn from someone who has successfully walked the path and understands the challenges and nuances of transitioning from student to medical professional in the USA.

  • Comprehensive Coverage of Critical Topics

    • Pathways for Indian doctors to practice in the USA.
    • Insights into AMC exams and the recognition of medical degrees.
    • Overview of financial expenses and timelines.
    • Exploration of job opportunities and benefits for IMGs in the USA.

  • Personalized Advice

    Get tailored advice on navigating your medical career from education to job placement in a highly interactive setting.

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Exclusive Webinar

How to Become a Doctor in USA
  • 19th May 2024
  • 08:00 PM - IST
  • Virtual Meeting

Start on Your U.S. Medical
Journey with Dr. Supraja

  • To ensure an engaging and focused session for individuals truly invested in their future in medicine, we’ve introduced a nominal registration fee of Rs. 5000 Rs.1,000 for this unique opportunity.
  • This webinar with Dr. Supraja offers a deep dive into achieving medical excellence in the USA, tailored for those ready to take a serious step towards their career.
  • Participants have the flexibility to join us virtually on Zoom, making this invaluable learning experience accessible from anywhere.

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About This Live Webinar

  • Learn how this approach simplifies your journey to becoming a doctor in the USA.
  • This segment of the webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the Fast Track Pathway, a streamlined route designed for those aspiring to become doctors in the USA.
  • Learn how this pathway reduces the time and complexity typically associated with traditional routes, allowing for a more direct journey into the medical profession.

  • Understanding the roadmap is crucial for any aspiring medical professional.
  • This part of the session will delve into the significant milestones of the medical journey in the USA, including passing key exams, completing clinical rotations, and successfully matching into residency programs.
  • Each milestone not only marks progress but also opens new opportunities for growth and specialization.

  • The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Steps 1 and 2 are pivotal for any medical student or graduate aiming to practice medicine in the USA.
  • This portion will guide attendees through effective preparation strategies, tips for success, and how to leverage these exams to stand out in the residency matching process.

  • Clinical rotations are where theory meets practice.
  • This section will cover what students can expect during their clinical rotations in the USA, including the variety of specialties they might experience, the importance of hands-on patient care, and how these experiences contribute to a comprehensive medical education.

  • Advancing in one’s medical career is more than just completing education; it’s about making strategic choices that align with long-term goals.
  • This part will explore how to navigate the path towards residency, the role of networking, and strategies for securing placements that match your specialty interests and career aspirations.

  • Choosing to pursue a medical career in the USA offers numerous benefits, including access to advanced healthcare technologies, opportunities for research and specialization, and competitive compensation.
  • This segment will highlight these advantages, showcasing why the USA remains a leading destination for medical professionals worldwide.

  • Concluding the webinar, there will be a dedicated Q & A session where attendees have the unique opportunity to interact directly with Dr. Supraja.
  • This segment allows for personalized advice, clarification on any uncertainties, and insights from Dr. Supraja’s own experiences.
  • Whether you have specific questions about the Fast Track Pathway, USMLE preparation, residency, or the lifestyle of a medical professional in the USA, this is your chance to gain valuable guidance.
  • This interactive portion ensures that participants leave the webinar not just with information, but with actionable knowledge tailored to their individual aspirations and concerns.

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The Biggest Problem​

< 1 % Acceptance Rate

International students face a less than 1% acceptance rate in US medical schools.

Competitive Exams

The MCAT, a hurdle in itself, is often seen as tougher than exams like NEET.

4 Year UG Degree

The amount of Effort required to complete 4 years of adittional Study along with 4 Years of MD Program.

Very Expensive

The financial commitment required to support your child for 8 years.

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How Our Students Overcame these Problems?


So, what’s the Difference?

MBBS - India

  • Duration - 5.5 years

  • Entrance Exam - NEET

  • High Management Quota Fee

  • Tution Fees

  • Limited Recognition

  • Minimum Salary
    5-10 Lakhs / Year

Fast Track MD - USA

  • 5 Years (with pre-med)

  • No Entrance Exam

  • No Management Quota Fee

  • Tution Fees

  • Worldwide recognition

  • Minimum Salary
    1.8 - 2.5 Crores / Year

Our Solution


A clear roadmap for pursuing your dream career of Becoming a Doctor in US/UK


A deep and clear understanding of the study abroad pathways best suited for you.


Guidance on the crucial "Why, What, When, and How" of the whole process.


Access to a supportive network of Peers, Experts, Alumni and Student's Parents.


Crack Interviews and Ace your way through the application Process with us in your corner.

Residency Mentorship

Our Exclusive program to support you through your MD Journey

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How is Divine EAC better?

Feature Others Divine EAC
Programs Offered
Traditional pathway, MCAT needed
✅ Exclusive MD pathways, no MCAT required
Limited or no help
✅ Up to $90,000 assistance
Personalized Counseling
Generic counseling based on broad student categories
✅ Tailored one-on-one, individual-focused sessions
Admission Strategy
Less strategic planning
✅ Strategic planning starts 9 months in advance, including profile building for low-scoring students
Network of Universities
Smaller networks
✅ Access to 1000+ universities worldwide
5-Year Residency Guidance
✅ Comprehensive mentorship program
Full Services
Basic or partial services
✅ Visa, Accommodation, SOP/LOR, End-to-End support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fast Track MD Pathway Program?

The Fast Track MD Pathway Program is an innovative route designed for students aspiring to become doctors in the US without taking the MCAT.

Students from various academic backgrounds, including those who have completed their 12th standard, bachelor’s degree (Science Focussed) or MBBS Degree are eligible.

The program selection depends on your academic performance and aspirations.

Divine EAC assists students in applying for scholarships, with successful candidates receiving between $30,000 to $90,000 in financial aid, significantly reducing the cost of their medical education abroad.

While we cannot guarantee admission, our personalized approach, early preparation, and extensive university network significantly increase your chances of securing a spot in a Top Ranked medical school.

The nominal fee is to ensure that only serious candidates book the strategy call, allowing us to provide focused and personalized guidance to each student.

The strategy call offers a comprehensive discussion on your eligibility, program options, scholarship opportunities, and a step-by-step guide through the process, tailored to your academic and professional goals.

There are two intakes, January and September, with the largest intake observed in September.

Yes, the MD degree is recognized globally, including India. However, to practice in India, graduates must pass the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE).

Divine EAC specializes in guiding students through the MD Pathway for undergraduate medical education leading to an MD degree in the US, equivalent to the MBBS degree in other countries.

While our primary focus is on facilitating undergraduate medical education pathways, we do offer services for medical PG programs in the US for students who have already completed their MBBS.

For MBBS graduates looking to practice medicine in the USA, there are two main pathways:

Option 1: Self-Preparation USMLE Route (Very Low Chances)

  • You can attempt to clear the USMLE Steps 1 and 2 and apply for the residency match program in the US. This path allows you to practice medicine in the US upon successful completion of your residency. However, the acceptance rate into residency programs can be quite challenging due to intense competition, the need for US clinical rotations, and obtaining Letters of Recommendation (LORs) from US hospitals.

Option 2: 6 Semester MBBS To MD Program

  • Alternatively, you can opt for a 6 Semester/2.5 Year Fast Track MD program, specifically designed for international students. This program includes 1 Semester USMLE Prep followed by 2 years of clinical rotations in the US. This pathway significantly enhances your residency match chances by providing US clinical experience and opportunities to earn strong LORs, crucial for the residency application process.

At Divine Education Abroad Consultancy, our focus is primarily on facilitating admissions to undergraduate MD programs and alternative pathways to medical education.

We do offer services for postgraduate medical programs abroad following an MBBS degree.

Our expertise and resources are dedicated to helping students embark on their medical journey right from the undergraduate level, guiding them towards achieving their MD qualifications, Matching into Residency and setting a strong foundation for their future medical careers.

Transitioning directly from a bachelor’s program in the US to an MD program is typically not standard, as most MD programs require the completion of an undergraduate degree.

However, Divine EAC offers unique alternative pathways to medical education that bypass the traditional requirement of completing the MCAT and potentially allow for credit evaluations for students interested in transitioning earlier.

Our approach includes advising students on specialized programs that might accommodate their current academic progress through a careful evaluation of their profiles.

This tailored guidance aims to align with your medical career aspirations, offering a more direct route to pursuing your MD without the conventional barriers.

The traditional route to medical education in the US involves completing a bachelor’s degree followed by taking the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) as a prerequisite for applying to medical schools.

However, Divine Education Abroad Consultancy facilitates special MD pathway programs that do not require the MCAT. These programs are designed to provide an alternate route for students aiming to pursue a career in medicine, focusing on a comprehensive educational curriculum that prepares them for medical studies directly.

These pathway programs usually include a preparatory phase focusing on the foundational aspects of medical education. This phase equips students with the necessary academic background and skills, preparing them for direct entry into the MD program. The unique structure of these programs allows students to bypass the MCAT, offering a streamlined approach to becoming a doctor in the US.

This opportunity is especially valuable for students who prefer not to take the MCAT due to its competitive nature or who seek a more direct path to their medical career. By participating in these pathway programs, students can achieve their dream of earning an MD degree and practicing medicine in the US without the MCAT as a prerequisite.

Unlike others, Divine EAC offers tailored, one-on-one counseling sessions, starts admission prep 9 months early, and has a vast network of over 1000 universities. Our students also benefit from up to $90,000 in scholarships and a high success rate in admissions.

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