Why Study in Sweden?

Central to Scandinavia and close to the central mainland of Europe, Sweden had always been that location that was neglected when it came to studying abroad. But recent developments have caused a lot of traffic influx into this Nordic country of Europe. The country has established its name in a brilliant educational system, making it one of the best countries to study abroad that have gained international prominence. It is home to several renowned international businesses that offer good internship experiences for students.

The quality of education at the universities in Sweden is top-notch. These Universities are ranked amongst the best globally and provide excellent academic knowledge and holistic development for the students. Be it the Uppsala University or the Stockholm University – the names are all known to students even from the farthest countries. With the lively student life steeped in tradition and amidst the perfect environment of pleasant summers – Sweden has become one of the best places to study abroad. With the highest research index amongst the European countries and being the second most innovative country globally, Sweden provided the best educational infrastructure for all streams of science, humanities, and commerce.

Home to brands like IKEA, H&M, AstraZeneca, Volvo, TetraPak, and the like – Sweden provides ample global work opportunities for students right after completing their course. Students can work for more than 20 hours a week while completing their study abroad course. Hence, studying in a country as serene as Sweden allows students the beautiful opportunity to experience student life thriving in multiculturalism, living in a prime location, and experiencing nature at its finest, along with all the Swedish traditions. The fine educational standards and innovative environment allow students to inculcate the core values of independent studying while developing responsibility.


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Hence, if you decide to study in Sweden, then guidance from study abroad counselors of Divine EAC can help you decide on your course, university, and scholarship programmes.

Popular Student Friendly Cities in Sweden

  • Uppsala

  • Lund

  • Gothenburg

  • Umea

  • Linkoping

  • Galve

Popular Universities in the Sweden

Education system in Sweden

The education system of Sweden stands out for its study abroad programs having exemplary academic standards, independent research skill development, and globally renowned teaching abilities. Most of the state-funded universities in this country offer free tuition for all the students of EU/EEA, and they are educated under this system for free.


The core teaching values of this country include


Instilling curiosity in students to question.


Catalysing critical thinking skills and interdisciplinary approach.


Allowing freedom with responsibility to all the students.


Following the tertiary educational methodology, the universities offer a three-step programme – Bachelor’s Programme, Master’s Programme, and a Doctorate Programme. With advanced innovative approaches in agriculture, healthcare, engineering, law & education – Sweden also offers professional non-degree qualifications for its students. Both private independent institutes and Public state-aided universities are present in Sweden. Home to more than 50 globally renowned universities globally, most of them are state-run. At the same time, some eminent institutions like Stockholm School of Economics, Jonkoping University, and the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg are independent institutes. Out of all, the oldest Universities include Lund University and Uppsala University. With the help of overseas education consultants at Divine EAC, you can select the best university that will fit your environment.

Mostly STEM-based subjects, Computer Science, and other Research-Oriented Courses attract major students to pursue study abroad programs in Sweden as the country has globally acclaimed research institutes. Being a hub to several eminent companies that require researchers and scientists, students get ample opportunities in this country. While searching for an institution that fits all your requirements, you must know what your preferred universities are best known for, which course to opt for in which university, the entire application procedure, and how to apply for scholarships to study abroad in these universities. As the entire process of applying for studying abroad is vast and extensive, professionals from Divine EAC lay out a systematic guidance plan that answers all your queries, helping you navigate further with your admission processes.

Study Abroad Programs in Sweden

After knowing the top most universities of the country, it is crucial to also understand what are the best courses to study abroad for all the students wishing to study in Sweden. These are some of the courses that the best universities of the country offer and attract students globally.

  • Engineering

  • International Business

  • Chemistry

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Plant and Forest Biotechnology

  • Robotics and Control

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Sustainable Architecture

  • Cell biology, Neurobiology, Plant Physiology, Molecular Microbiology

  • Architectural Intervention

  • Sustainable Architecture

  • Computational Physics

  • Geoecology

  • Ecology

  • Photonics and Nanotechnology

  • Advanced Biomedicine

  • Public Health

In case you are not sure about which course to choose, you can take help of a study abroad counsellor at Divine EAC to clear all your doubts.

Admission Process to Study in Sweden

The application procedure for the universities of Sweden is not brain wrecking or difficult. Yet, some proper steps have to be followed when you want to apply to the university of your choice and start your journey of studying in your favourite institute. You can opt for Divine EAC, an overseas education consultants in Kota to get the detailed information regarding how to study abroad.

● Choose a Program of Your Choice

The first step towards your admission process will be selecting the correct course from the universities’ diverse range of study abroad programs. Sweden is a country that has the top most globally ranked universities for STEM programs, Computer Science, and other Research-Oriented Courses. Several other Superlative degrees like Law, International Business and Management, Finance, Geoecology, and Ecology are also renowned courses. The reason why you want to go to study in Sweden first and then align whether a course or programme fits your future career aspirations or your passion or not.

Check the Admission Criteria

After you select your preferred course, you will also need to check all the admission eligibility criteria for your admission. The requirement can require proficiency in English, graduation from high school, or holding a bachelor’s degree with a particular marks range, and others. You need to ensure that you qualify for this eligibility criterion by matching it with your qualifications. You can prepare a well-detailed plan by carefully being attentive to your applications by taking the help of abroad education consultants with Divine EAC.

● Prepare the Documents

You will not face major issues while preparing your documents. The universities in Sweden expect proficiency mainly in English, and at times in the Swedish Language, depending on the course you are opting for. The documents you will need for applying to any Swedish university is as follows:

  1. A properly filled and signed application form.
  2. Language proficiency certificates in English or Swedish, depending on the course you apply for. IELTS/ PTE/ TOEFL marks are given a lot of weightage.
  3. A master’s degree application requires a thesis pursued by the student in their bachelor’s degree.
  4. Documents showing you qualify the course requirements.
  5. Identification documents.
  6. Record of the complete high school education
  7. Signed cover letter or motivation letter explaining the reasons you selected to study in Sweden.
  8. A valid passport and passport-size photographs.
  9. Proof of completion of payment of the application fee.
● Compare Fee Structures & Evaluate Scholarship Options

Although looking into the best course and university is crucial, there are several other things you will need to consider before you finalize your choice. You have to fix your budget and see how much you can stretch yourself financially to pursue a course and live in the country. For this, you will need to understand the procedure to go abroad for studies from India and compare the course fee of all the universities and then make a financial plan with the help of your family and counselor to understand all the grants, aids, scholarships, and loans you can opt for if you are studying in Sweden.

● Submit your Application

After you qualify the eligibility criteria, fill all the required documents, sign everything, you will need to apply to the given time frame. Ensure that you cross-check your application before submission to the respective universities’ websites. Keep track of the deadline and ensure that your entire application adheres to the institution’s requirements in their portal. You can also avail free counseling if you feel you need guidance with your application process for studying in Sweden.

Cost Of Attendance to Study in Sweden

Sweden happens to be a country that offers free tuition for students of EU/EEA, but students of India are not exempted from it. Yet, the Swedish scholarships for International Students are fully paid scholarships that cover tuition, living, and travelling expenses. The fees at public universities are comparatively lesser as compared to private universities. Usually, medical courses or business programmes are usually more costly and more so in private institutions. If you’re looking for a more detailed fee requirement in these universities, you can take the help of abroad education consultants from Divine EAC, who will support you throughout your journey of admission.

You will also come to charts that the universities make for students to prepare accordingly way beforehand. Looking at the current charges of different programmes also gives the students a clearer idea of how much students will require to pay in the future. On average, keeping aside a minimum of INR 12,50,000 is crucial as there will be added expenses of stationery, books, and other resources.

● Application Fee & Annual Course Fee

For Indian Students, the tuition fee usually starts from INR 6,00,000. Yet, students from European countries are exempted from this fee. The fee in private universities can get higher depending on the course the student is opting for and can touch up to INR 10,00,000. The application fee that the Swedish universities charge is around INR 6,550. It is crucial that one is well informed about the fee structure and all financial requirements of their preferred universities, apply in those that fit under their financial bracket and match their profile. Overseas consultants can help you get the exact amount of expenses for a particular country, making it easy to calculate your budget.

● Accommodation for Students

Staying in Sweden is indeed expensive. Most students reside in some of the cities while studying in Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Umea, Lund, Uppsala, and Linkoping. The monthly rent can range from INR 20,000 to INR 1,82,000, depending on the city and location you choose to stay in. Yet, several universities help the students by granting them accommodation at a decent rate. The dormitories and hostels are cheaper and provide laundry and proper meals for the students. Hence, you will need to make an informed decision regarding whether you want to opt for private accommodation or student accommodation. Your overseas education consultant can help you choose the best accommodation as per your budget.

● Medical, Recreation & Commute

Depending on the location you choose, you can also manage the travelling expenses. You will need to fix a budget for your medical and health emergencies when you are travelling abroad to study. If you also want to enjoy the social life of Sweden, you will have to keep aside a certain budget for that as well. Apart from that, you will also need to note the standard ticket charges and the visa charges for the journey to and fro from your country to Sweden.

VISA Process To Study Abroad in Sweden

One of the crucial steps you need to take to go to your dream destination for studying abroad is to ensure that all kinds of hurdles that come your way are minimized. One of the things that students struggle to most with is their student visa. One needs to ensure that they are well versed with the entire visa application process and preparation as last-minute inconveniences can get time-consuming. Thus, having all the information at hand right before initiating your visa processing is crucial.

Students planning to study in Sweden need to get the Residential Permits that the Swedish Migration Agency issues for long-stay purposes in the country. These are thereafter processed by the Swedish Embassy, followed by the Consulates in India.

● How long will it take to get your visa?

All visa applications go to Sweden for processing and require a minimum of 90 days for completion of the process. At times it can take longer than expected which is why you need to apply for it as soon as possible. Apart from that an online application ensures that the time taken is less compared to the paper application processes. Divine EAC, an online consultancy for studying abroad, can help you with visa applications, making it a hassle-free process.

● Process to apply for the Visa

To acquire a student visa, follow these steps in order:

  1. You will need to confirm that you have received your acceptance letter from the Swedish University of your choice by sending mail to ndh.visa@eda.admin.ch to get in touch with the New Delhi Consulate by referring your application under ‘student application’. Alongside, you will need to attach a scanned copy of your course details, acceptance letter, and three preferred dates for your appointment.
  2. You will need to fill the Visa Application form and submit it with the necessary documents and confirmation of health insurance if any. You will need to submit your application after uploading all necessary documents and paying the visa fee. If the application is declined the fee will not be refunded.
  3. After you will get a confirmation from the consulate or embassy after which your appointment will be scheduled.
  4. Submit all the documents they ask for including your biometric information and photography at your nearby consulate office of Sweden after you receive the mail.
  5. After all due procedures, the student will be required to appear for a quick interview within the stipulated time frame. The results will be sent via mail again.

The permit processing fee for a Swedish visa is 1500 SEK or 12,750 INR. The entire process can last from 2 to 3 months in total. Usually an overseas education consultant has experience in this field and can help make the process seamless for the students.

List of Required Documents

How much does one need to pay for a student visa?

One will require to pay 1500 SEK for their student visa. Students will need to use either a Visa or a Mastercard for making payments using this method.

As the process is detailed and requires precision, a good online consultancy for studying abroad like Divine EAC can help you navigate through the complete visa application procedure.

Work Opportunities in Sweden

Keeping up with the high standards of living in Sweden will need you to do some additional work alongside your studies. Being a technologically advanced country and a business hub for the topmost brands, the opportunities in this country are diverse. All international students can work while pursuing a programme in Sweden as there are no limits to the working hours for students here. Ensure that you are well versed with the work culture and the scope of your field in Sweden and consider these before you make your decision:

Job Opportunities in Sweden

You will need to ensure that you’re skilled in your niche for getting job opportunities in the companies of Sweden. They will want to check what sets you apart from the natives of the country and why you should be hired after evaluating their vacancies. So a good industry foundation with outstanding educational qualifications or exceptional talent will surely land you a job in this country.

The City of Residence

Ensure that you research well about the city you will reside in, the payscale you will be getting, and your expenditure depending on the location. As you have to stay here, you will need to research the culture of that area, travelling expenses, the usual pay scale for rents and stay and the like.


As English is widely spoken throughout the country, you will not face any difficulty integrating yourself amongst the people. Yet, knowing Swedish is always an added advantage when settling down in Sweden and can come in handy when interacting with people.

Working As a Student in Sweden

Usually, international students work part-time for around 15 to 18 hours a week while working full time during their semester breaks. When you know how to study abroad, ensure that you also research part-time job opportunities. There is no limit to how long a student can work as long as they complete a minimum of 40 hours of study a week. The career cells of the institutes of Sweden further help with the navigation of jobs for the students.

                               Finding Work Opportunities in Sweden

The quality of life is high, and so are the wages in Sweden. Students can get an extension of their residence permit for six months and then look for a job to secure their work permit for Sweden. Students can also start their businesses here. With several businesses and research companies set here, finding a job in Sweden is not a difficult job. 

Via Internet Applications

You can get to apply online for various offline jobs right through the internet after checking a company’s credentials and seeing whether you want to join it. After that, the procedure is the same as any other job recruitment.

Via Government Agencies

You can begin by taking help from the local government embassies. Several existing agencies and government centers help connect students to jobs across the country and can be a good beginning point for most students.

Via Recruitment Centres

Several private companies also recruit students for which you need to keep an eye for their hiring and vacancies. Try and discover agencies or consulting companies that can help you find an opportunity you’re looking for.

 Hence, getting a job in Sweden will not be difficult if you have a good command of English and industry skills and foundation. It will also be easier if the student studies at a Swedish University and then applies for a job there.

Frequently asked Questions

How much can students earn in Sweden?

Students can easily earn around 125 SEK per hour while they are studying and working. If the students end up doing professional services in banks, hospitals, and big tech companies, then they’ll easily earn around 35,000 to 1,00,000 SEK.

Can students get jobs in Sweden without knowing Swedish?

Yes, students can get jobs in Sweden without knowing Swedish because most of the big companies in Sweden have adopted English as the corporate language. Even the country’s people mostly speak English, and you will only require proficiency in this language to get a job here.

Is Swedish Education Good?

Swedish Education is globally renowned and ranked at the top in the ranking charts. The study’s methodology is excellent and allows students to pursue independent studying while being responsible and taking an interdisciplinary approach.