MBBS in Kazakhstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan
MBBS in Kazakhstan has become a popular choice for Indian students due to its affordable fees and quality education. With around 9,500 Indian students enrolled across 23 medical colleges, Kazakhstan offers a viable alternative to Ukraine for medical studies. The low tuition fees, English-taught programs, and recognition by global medical councils make Kazakhstan an attractive destination for aspiring doctors.

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MBBS in Kazakh in 2024 for Indian students is very popular due to its low fees. When you don’t get more than 550 in NEET UG, the Indian students start looking for the top Kazakhstan Medical University. The students from Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana constitute 75% of the students studying MBBS in Kazakh.

Quick Facts about MBBS in Kazakhstan

No. of Medical Colleges23
College TypeGovt and Private both
Duration5 Yrs
5 Yrs +1 Yrs Internship
5 Yrs +2 Yrs Internship
Degree AwardedBachelor of General Medicine – 5 Yrs
Physician (General Medicine) – 6 Yrs
Physician- 7 yrs
Meeting NMC CriteriaOnly 6 & 7 Yrs Course
Medium of InstructionEnglish & Bilingual Both
Eligibility CriteriaPCB 50% and NEET Qualified
Indian Students9500 ( Across All years)
Total Budget for MBBS25-30 Lacs
Medical college RecognitionNMC/ECFMG/WHO/ AMC/GMC UK
Study Pattern1st Year -Pre Clinical
2-3 Year -Para Clinical
4-5 Year -Clinical
6,7 Years- Internship

The MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students is replacing the Ukraine as a destination since the war erupted there with Russia in 2022. The low MBBS in Kazakhstan fees structure is the major reason to attract so many Indian students. However, you must take the help of a study abroad consultant for finalizing the best medical university in Kazakhstan..

MBBS in Kazakhstan Fee Structure – 2024-25

Kazakhstan MBBS Fees for Indian students for various universities in US$ towards tuition fees and hostel fees are mentioned in the table below:

UNIVERSITYTuition Fees / YearHostel Fees / Year
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University4600 USD700 USD
Caspian International School Of Medicine4500 USD800 USD
Kokshetau State University3800 USD700 USD
Kazakh Russian Medical University 4500 USD800 USD
Semey Medical University170000 KZT323550 KZT
Asfendiyarov Kazakh National University2400000 KZT316100 KZT
Karaganda Medical University2400000 KZT316100 KZT
South Kazakhstan Medical Academy4200 USD800 USD
Astana Medical University3200 USD800 USD
West Kazakhstan State Medical University4200 USD300 USD
International Medical School (IMS)3900 USD900 USD

Studying at the best MBBS college in Kazakhstan will always be a better option than paying high fees at a private medical college in India. Kazakhstan MBBS Fees for Indian students starts from only Rupees 3 lacs per year. This low MBBS fees in Kazakhstan for Indian students has attracted huge number of students from the rural area of India.

MBBS in Kazakhstan Fee Structure

Due to the low Kazakhstan MBBS colleges fees, this country has become a medical education hub with more than 9,000 Indians in one country! The Kazakhstan MBBS Fees structure offers a value for money proposition for most of the Indians since the degrees are valid globally including India.

Lots of Indian students opting for low fees Kazakh MBBS colleges without seeing the university grades get cheated by getting bi-lingual programs. When you select a country about which you do not know much, you should ideally take the guidance & support of reputed MBBS abroad agents. Many parents make a mistake of taking an advice of current students to send their child to study medicine in Kazakhstan and the problem begins there itself since students from low quality institutions produce agents and not doctors!

The average budget for a total duration of MBBS in Kazakhstan which is 5.8 years can be considered to be Rs. 25 lacs including tuition fees, hostel, food and other living costs. The MBBS in Kazakhstan Fees Structure 2024 shown above is the tuition fees and hostel costs per year. If you are based in cities such as Mumbai, Pune or Surat, Divine EAC offers special education loan for to pay full Kazakhstan medical university fees!

In the first year of study MBBS in Kazakhstan the student need to pay additional cost towards post arrival services needed for the registration to study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

The Kazakh MBBS syllabus is also suitable for Indian students who have a dream to become a doctor.

MBBS in Kazakhstan Eligibility for Admission

MBBS in Kazakhstan Eligibility for Admission
  • Getting admission to MBBS colleges in Kazakhstan through Divine EAC is quite an easy task. MBBS in Kazakhstan eligibility for admission for Indian students is as follows:
  • You need to be over 17 years of age on or before December 31 of the year of admission to medical schools in Kazakhstan.
  • You must have cleared class 12th from board with 50% in PCB (40% for reserved categories) for Kazakhstan MBBS admission.
  • NMC requires you to qualify NEET which means you must have scored 50 percentile in NEET for Kazakhstan Medical College admission. In NEET 2023, the qualifying NEET score for MBBS in Kazakhstan admission was 137 marks for open category and 107 for Reserved Category students.
  • English proficiency exams such as IELTS / TOEFL score is not needed for Kazakhstan MBBS admission 2024-25.

Ranking of the Best Kazakhstan Medical Universities

The MBBS duration in Kazakhstan is for 5 long years and internship and with the new rule of NMC which does not allow you to transfer to any other universities, it has become very important to choose the best university in Kazakhstan for MBBS in your first shot!

UniversityGradeTeaching Medium
Al-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityBEnglish
Caspian International School Of MedicineC+English
Kokshetau State UniversityAEnglish
Kazakh Russian Medical UniversityCBilingual
Semey Medical UniversityBEnglish
Asfendiyarov Kazakh National UniversityBEnglish
Karaganda Medical UniversityB+Kazakh / Russian
South Kazakhstan Medical AcademyC+English
Astana Medical UniversityC+English
West Kazakhstan State Medical UniversityC+English
International Medical School (IMS)BEnglish

Not every medical universities of Kazakhstan is worth going. The students must note that all these top ranked MCI approved Kazakhstan medical colleges offer programs in the local language as well. However, these courses taught in local language would be very cheap as compared to the English taught medical course in Kazakhstan. One need to check the grades of the university before finalizing from the list of top 10 medical university in Kazakhstan.

In order to choose the best medical colleges in Kazakhstan for Indian students, both the grade as well as the cost at the top medical colleges in Kazakhstan need to be checked. Go for the A graded universities instead of only looking for low cost of MBBS in Kazakhstan! The medical professionals completing their MBBS from Kazakhstan from these top universities hold immense value worldwide due to their accreditation with WDOMS, ECFMG, GMC and NMC.

You can speak to an Expert counselor at Divine Education Abroad Consultancy for easy selection of the right university for your MBBS program abroad.

Best Medicine Universities in Kazakhstan

University NameCountryUniversity TypeUniversity GradeEstablished YearWorld RankECFMG ApprovedIntakeDurationFeeMedium of InstructionSpecialization
Kokshetau State UniversityKazakhstanPublicA19924741ApprovedSep-245.8 Yrs of MBBS, Incl. of internship₹25.15 LacsEnglishMBBS
Al-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityKazakhstanPublicB19342202ApprovedSep-245.8 Yrs of MBBS, Incl. of internship₹28.47 LacsEnglishMBBS
Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical UniversityKazakhstanPublicB19305784ApprovedSep-245.8 Yrs of MBBS, Incl. of internship₹32.02 LacsEnglishMBBS
International Medical SchoolKazakhstanPublicB202012614ApprovedSep-245.8 Yrs of MBBS, Incl. of internship₹27.04 LacsEnglishMBBS
Semey State Medical UniversityKazakhstanPublicB19536915ApprovedSep-245.8 Yrs of MBBS, Incl. of internship₹30.84 LacsEnglishMBBS

Country Wise List of Top MBBS Universities

Here is the country wise list of top MBBS Universities in 5 different countries wherein the students choose to study MBBS abroad! The MBBS cost in Kazakhstan is the lowest among all the available options such as Georgia, Egypt, Nepal & Bangladesh.

Your Budget (Rs)Suggested CountryDivine Recommended University
INR 20-25 LacsKazakhstanKokshetau State University
INR 25-30 LacsKyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan State Medical University
INR 25-30 LacsRussia (A Grade)Orel State University
INR 30-40 LacsEgypt (A+ Grade)Cairo University
INR 40-50 LacsGeorgia (A Grade)University of Georgia (American Program)
INR 50-60 LacsNepal (B+ Grade)KIMS

The Kazakhstan MBBS Fees for Indian students offers opportunity to complete a globally accepted medical degree at the lowest cost! Based on your budget, you can now select the country and finalize your university to study MBBS in abroad .

Admission Process to study MBBS in Kazakhstan

The admission process for MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students in 2024 is made very simple and online by Divine Education Abroad Consultancy. You will be able to track your applications on the portal.

Admission Process to study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Following 8 steps need to be completed in order to have a smooth departure to study MBBS in Kazakhstan:

  • Take expert & free counseling to study at the best medical university in Kazakhstan
  • Match your budget with the MBBS in Kazakhstan Fees structure and finalize your university
  • Reserve your seat and apply for passport immediately, if you do not hold it already
  • Submit application documents to the Divine Education Abroad Consultancy execution team
  • Get offer letter from your chosen university to study MBBS in Kazakhstan
  • Get invitation code / letter from the Ministry of Education in Kazakhstan
  • Submit visa documents & apply for Kazakh Visa
  • Get tickets booked from Divine EAC travel desk & depart for your top Kazakhstan Medical University

Advantages to study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Advantages to study MBBS in Kazakhstan
  • QUALITY OF EDUCATION: There are more than 10 NMC approved medical colleges in Kazakhstan. The English taught program is available at a Kazakhstan top medical university. The medical university in Kazakhstan promotes student exchange programs through their partner institutions in other countries.
  • LOW COST TO STUDY MBBS: The low Kazakhstan MBBS fees is the main reason to attract the Indian students. The Kazakhstan MBBS fees in Indian Rupees works to hardly INR 3 to 4 Lac per year! The Kazakhstan MBBS fees structure has attracted students from smaller towns and rural areas in a huge way. Studying at medical colleges in Kazakhstan for Indian students is a much better option as Indian private med schools charge a huge tuition fees.
  • LOW ELIGIBILITY FOR ADMISSION: The criteria set for MBBS in Kazakhstan eligibility are minimum starting from 50% to 65% in PCB at 12th level along with NEET Qualification. Getting an MBBS degree in Kazakhstan from a top MBBS University in Kazakhstan along with FMGE / NExt coaching allows you to pursue your dream career.
    The subjects of MBBS in Kazakhstan are also quite the same as in India. MBBS in Kazakhstan without NEET qualifying results will not allow you to practice back in India.
  • HIGH SAFETY & SECURITY: You have an opportunity to study at the best medical university in Kazakhstan in an extremely safe and secured environment. Most of the students choose to study in around the capital city Astana! As per the latest report, more girls take MBBS admission in Kazakhstan than boys due to the safety factor.
  • NMC COMPLIANCE: The Kazakhstan MBBS duration satisfies 54 months followed by minimum 12 months of internship in line with NMC specifications. This compliance with NMC for Kazakhstan MBBS duration with internship allows the students to appear for FMGE / NExT in India on their return.
  • LIVING COST: The living cost at any city in Kazakhstan is also very low and affordable while you study MBBS in Kazakhstan. The living cost in Georgia is double in comparison to that of Kazakhstan!
  • AMENITIES: The facilities such as hostels and Indian food are well established since every Kazakhstan MBBS university attracts at least 250 to 300 students yearly.However, the students need to check with the MBBS abroad consultant about the number of students sharing a room and availability of heaters in the room.

Disadvantages to study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Disadvantages to study MBBS in Kazakhstan

Some of the common disadvantages of studying MBBS in Kazakh 2024 are as follows:

  • Weather conditions : The temperatures in Kazakhstan drop to about 0 degrees for 3-4 months, which is a very big climatic change for Indian students. However, the students do not face any major problems because the building, car, bus, classrooms, hostel, etc. are all centrally heated.
  • Bilingual Course: Many of the Kazakhstan MBBS university offer bilingual programs where the first 5 semesters are taught in English and the last few years are taught in local language. Hence, it is extremely important that Indian students choose only English-medium MBBS courses in Kazakhstan.
  • Low FMGE passing: Out of 10 only Kokshetau State University offering MBBS in Kazakhstan offers guaranteed pass batch! Other medical colleges such as Kazakh State Medical University only offers MBBS course without any guarantee to clear the FMGE or NExT on returning back to India. This is a major disadvantage to study MBBS in Kazakhstan! Considering above, Kokshetau State University would be rated as the Kazakhstan best medical university to study medicine.
  • Local Language: International students usually face a language barrier in the first couple of years while studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. The local Kazakh language is a part of the course and the students are taught the same regularly. This helps them to build the capability to interact with the patients during their hospital internship in Kazakhstan.

Why Choose Divine Education Abroad Consultancy?

As a leading MBBS abroad consultancy, applying through Divine Education Abroad Consultancy offers numerous advantages, making your journey to study medicine abroad seamless and successful.

1. Expertise and Experience:

  • With extensive experience in the field, we have successfully guided numerous students in securing admissions to top medical universities across various countries.

2. Comprehensive and Transparent Services:

  • Honest advisory services with clear and transparent fee structures. No hidden costs! We provide accurate information about the tuition fees and other expenses associated with studying abroad.

3. Guaranteed Admission Assistance:

  • We offer guaranteed admission support to help you secure a spot in prestigious medical universities abroad, ensuring a smooth application process.

4. Full-Service Support:

  • From the initial application to post-arrival services, we provide comprehensive support. This includes assistance with visa applications, apostilles, and translations, ensuring you have everything you need to start your medical journey.

5. Personalized Guidance:

  • Our dedicated team provides personalized guidance tailored to your individual needs, helping you navigate the complexities of studying abroad with ease.

6. Post-Arrival Services:

  • Once you arrive, our team will assist you in settling in. We help with registration and other formalities, ensuring you have a hassle-free experience as you begin your studies.

7. Strong Partnerships:

  • We have strong partnerships with top medical universities, providing you with a wide range of options to choose from.

8. Career Support:

  • Although we do not offer training, we provide valuable resources and connections to help you prepare for licensing exams and future career opportunities.

Choosing Divine Education Abroad Consultancy ensures you have a reliable partner to guide you through every step of your journey to becoming a medical professional. Let us help you achieve your dream of studying medicine abroad with confidence and ease.

How agents cheat Students?

  • Many agents ask you to pay the Kazakhstan MBBS fees in Indian rupees in India! The students need to pay the fees directly to the Kazakhstan Medical University.
  • The agents try to push “B” graded and “C” graded universities and try to promote MBBS in Kazakhstan fee structure as a package! You must know the actual university fees!
  • Many of the agents try to fool you by promoting a bilingual program as a fully English-taught program. You need to be very careful about MBBS admission in Kazakhstan. You may get in touch with Divine EAC expert counsellor to understand the options clearly.

Why sudden rush for MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Since 2020, There is a sudden rush to among medical aspirants to enrol for MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students. There are several reasons for the same.

Sr. No.CountryReason for Indian students not going anymore
1MBBS in ChinaPost COVID, lesser number of students choose China
2MBBS in PhilippinesNMC has announced Philippines degree as valid in India in 2024
3MBBS in RussiaThis option is still a popular choice among indian students.
4MBBS in ArmeniaLow quality education except YSMU

Around 14,000 Indian students used to go to the above countries to study MBBS abroad till 2019. Now they are not able to go there and the rush is diverted to other countries. Further, the MBBS fees in Kazakhstan for Indian students are quite low making it easier for the students to afford.

Why is Kazakhstan a popular destination for MBBS among Indian students?

Kazakhstan offers affordable tuition fees, quality education, and English-taught programs. The degrees are recognized by major global medical councils, making it a cost-effective alternative to private medical colleges in India.

What is the duration of the MBBS program in Kazakhstan?

he MBBS program in Kazakhstan typically lasts 5 years, with an additional 1-2 years of internship depending on the specific program. The 6 and 7-year programs meet the NMC criteria.

What are the eligibility criteria for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan?

To be eligible for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan, you need to:

Be over 17 years old by December 31 of the admission year.
Have at least 50% in PCB (40% for reserved categories) in Class 12.
Qualify NEET with a minimum score as per category requirements.
No requirement for IELTS/TOEFL.

How much does it cost to study MBBS in Kazakhstan?

The total budget for studying MBBS in Kazakhstan, including tuition fees, hostel, food, and other living costs, ranges from INR 25-30 lakhs for the entire duration of the program.

Are the MBBS degrees from Kazakhstan recognized internationally?

Yes, MBBS degrees from Kazakhstan are recognized by major global medical councils such as NMC, ECFMG, WHO, and GMC UK. This ensures that graduates can appear for global licensing exams like USMLE, PLAB, and NEXT.

What are the living costs for students in Kazakhstan?

The living costs in Kazakhstan are relatively low. On average, students can expect to spend around $300-350 per month on living expenses, excluding accommodation. Hostel fees range from $300-900 per year.

Is it safe for Indian students to study in Kazakhstan?

Yes, Kazakhstan is considered safe for Indian students. The universities provide secure hostel facilities, and the country has a welcoming environment for foreign students. The safety and security measures are well-established, making it a preferred destination for many international students.

What are the disadvantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Harsh winter weather conditions.
Potential language barriers, as some programs are bilingual.
Variable FMGE passing rates among different universities.

Can I practice in India after completing MBBS from Kazakhstan?

Yes, after completing MBBS from Kazakhstan, you can practice in India by clearing the NEXT exam, as per the new NMC guidelines. The program duration and curriculum meet the requirements set by the NMC, making graduates eligible for the licensing exam in India.

What documents are required for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan?

The documents required for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan typically include:

High school transcripts (Class XII) with a minimum of 50% in PCB.
NEET score card.
Passport copies.
Passport-sized photographs.
Medical fitness certificate.
Admission application form.

Is NEET compulsory for MBBS in Kazakhstan?

NEET UG exam qualification is compulsory for all the Indian students wishing to pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan. National Medical Commission (NMC) has made it compulsory for the Indian students to qualify in NEET UG 2024 exam. Only those students will be allowed to appear for NExT exam and get the license to practice in India who have qualified in NEET UG exam before taking admission for MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Is MBBS internship from Kazakhstan valid in India?

The 5 years of theoretical MBBS course added with 1 year of internship is fully compliant with the guidelines published by the National Medical Council (NMC) on 14th Nov, 2021. One of the Kazakhstan Medical University makes it compulsory for the Indian students to go for 2 years of internship increasing the Kazakhstan MBBS course duration! Further few B & C graded universities in Kazakhstan do not allow international students for MBBS internship and ask the students to complete in their home country!

Which country is cheapest for MBBS?

The options to study MBBS abroad have narrowed in the last 4 years due to war in Ukraine and Philippines degree being announced to be invalid by NMC. Among the countries where Indian students are currently opting, the cheapest country for
MBBS is Kazakhstan. The comparison can be done as follows:

Tuition Fees in Kazakhstan starts from USD 3,500 per year
Tuition Fees in Kyrgyzstan starts from USD 4,000 per year
Tuition Fees in Russia starts from USD 4,000 per year
Tuition Fees in China starts from USD 5,000 per year
Tuition Fees in Georgia starts from USD 6,000 per year
Tuition Fees in Egypt starts from USD 7,000 per year
Tuition Fees in Nepal starts from USD 11,000 per year
Tuition Fees in Poland starts from USD 14,000 per year

Which is better Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan?

The cost to study MBBS in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan university fees almost equivalent but the quality of education differs hugely. The top medical colleges in Kazakhstan have much larger infrastructure and quality of education compared to Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan has has emerged as a destination mainly due to the 2,000 students transferring from Ukraine after the war broke out in Feb, 2022. As against 9,000 students in Kazakh, only 1,000 fresh students take admission for MBBS in Uzbekistan!

How much does MBBS cost in Kazakhstan?

he MBBS in Kazakhstan cost for Indian students is the lowest among all the options. The MBBS Kazakhstan fees and other costs are mentioned below:

Tuition Fees per year: US$ 3,500 per year
Hostel Fees per year: US$ 500 per year
Food cost per year: US$ 1,000 per year
Miscellaneous cost per year: US$ 500 per year

TOTAL: US$ 5,500 per year

The total cost of MBBS in Kazakhstan is not more than INR 2.5 Million for the entire MBBS course duration in Kazakhstan! However, you need to check the cost for individual universities.

Why study MBBS in Kazakhstan?

There are many advantages to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. The Kazakhstan medical university fees structure is among the lowest in the world. There is entrance exam to get admission to MBBS in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan MBBS course duration matches with the NMC eligibility criteria of 54 months theory followed by 12 months of internship. FMGE passing ratio of  Kazakhstan is high in comparison to countries such as Armenia, China, Uzbekistan etc.

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