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Our consultants are experts in fields ranging from Career Guidance, Counselling, Visa Processing, Education, Entrepreneurship Development, and more. We’re here to help you reach your dream life..

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We Are Committed to helping our Students overcome any challenge and attain spectacular results.

It is our mission to change lives through meaningful travel, One destination and one experience at a time. We believe that travelling is the key to students attaining a broader perspective of the world, and students will develop deeper understanding and greater empathy toward all individuals and cultures. Global education is fast transforming itself into being an integral part
of one’s career goals.

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At Divine Education, we believe in transforming dreams into achievements, guiding every student to their destined path of success.

Yadhu Nandhan

Founder & Director

Yadhu boasts a decade of experience in Training and Development. He has guided over 1,000 individuals and engaged with 50,000+ people through 500 talks and seminars across India. As a keynote speaker, he covers Education, Personal and Professional Development, Leadership, Goal Setting, and more. Yadhu believes in the power of the right mindset and uses a holistic approach for lasting personal growth.

Meet Our Esteemed Advisory Board

Dr. Supraja, M.D

Cardiology Fellow

Maimonides Medical Centre 

New York, USA

Dr. Amit Singh, M.D

Infectious Diseases Fellow

NYU Medical Centre

New York, USA

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