The term sociology refers to the study of society and social culture. It is also the systematic study of the relationship between different social levels. Sociology not only studies society but also the relationship between its individuals, their attitudes, and their experiences. 

Sociology is a very interesting subject especially for those, who have a deep interest in understanding society. Sociology as a course subject deals with various aspects and characteristics of a social world. 

The course deals with the following subjects like History, the Social Structure of Religions, and the Theory of Social Action. Religion, Culture, and Collective Representation Systems a student gets in-depth knowledge of how laws and regulations affect society and strong interpersonal skills.

Best country to do the course

These days, Sociology is a widely studied subject across the globe both as an academic discipline on its own but Australia is the most preferred place by the students.

Duration of the course

3 Years for Bachelor Degree

2 Years for Masters Degree

Job roles

Management, Corporate Research, Human Resources, etc.

Recruiting companies

News Agency, Reporter, Government Sector, Writer, Blogger Etc.

Average package offered

3 LPA – 8 LPA

Top 5 universities

Federation University Australia

University of Sussex, UK

Stanford University, USA

University of Murcia

University of Groningen

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