Other than the conventional way of getting into politics, political science can be studied in colleges to have in-depth knowledge of political systems. It is a career choice worth exploring irrespective of any political ambitions.

A Master’s of Arts in Political Science gives students a broader view of various aspects of politics and not just in terms of government. Studying political science at the Master’s level can take you back in time or to the future of politics through detailed courses.

Students of this course are exposed to varying aspects of the course on a large scale like political behavior, the study of the theory and practice of politics, description, and analysis of political systems, etc.

Best Country To Study the Course 

Switzerland is considered the best place to study political science in the world. It is closely followed by Belgium, the US, the Uk, Chile, and China.

Duration of course

4 years for Bachelor’s Degree

2 years for Master’s Degree

Job roles

Legislative Coordinator, Corporate Public Affairs Advisor, Legislative Analyst, etc.

Recruiting companies

Colleges and Universities, Government Agencies, Diplomatic Offices, Relations Departments, Public Policy Organizations, etc.

Average package

Ranges from 5.6 to 11.54 LPA

Top 5 universities

Harvard University

University of Oxford

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Science Po Paris

University of Cambridge

There are many opportunities for a political science graduate, and going to the right institution especially abroad can make a great impact. Divine EAC is ready to help you on this journey to study abroad by providing you with all the information necessary.

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