Global Business Management

By studying International Business Management, students learn all the facets of international business, receive exposure to various International Business topics, and develop skills to become effective and efficient managers – thus, making them an important resource for the global economy. There is tremendous scope in this field since organizations are on a quest to expand and diversify abroad across the globe. Therefore, such organizations need to hire management graduates with a specialization in international business. 

A relevant three-year bachelor’s degree with 50% minimum marks is required to be eligible to pursue International Business Management from the USA. Some universities ask for ILETS scores, and some may not. Experts at Divine EAC can help Indian students find the Best Countries to Study Abroad and learn how to find scholarships to study in countries like Australia, France, Poland, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Dubai, and the United States. 

In order to thrive in international business today, you need entirely different skills than you did even a decade ago. These are the skills you need to succeed in a career at a top multinational company, a move abroad, or starting your own business. These include cross-cultural communication skills, exceptional networking abilities, collaboration, interpersonal influence, adaptability, emotional intelligence, and resilience.

Best Country To Do The Course

Students study key business disciplines within a global context during an international business administration program in the UK. Global Business Administration covers finance, marketing, supply chains, human resources, and operations for businesses of all sizes. Studying international business in the UK may not be a surprise. In fact, the UK is one of the most popular countries for foreign students, welcoming more than half a million each year. That’s why you need to understand the entire admissions process in UK universities.

Duration Of The Course

      3 years for the Masters Degree

Job Roles
  • International Business Consultant 
  • Export Manager 
  • International Marketing Manager 
  • Global Business Manager 
  • Project Manager 
  • Investment Banker
  •  International Finance Manager
Recruiting Companies
  • Brand Management 
  • Logistics Management 
  • Travel And Tourism 
  • Hospitality Sector 
  • Retail Sector 
  • Export-Import Management 
  • Airlines 
  •  Banks
  • Foreign Exchange Management 
  •  Courier Companies
Average Package Offered INR 7 lakh -12 Lakh
Top 5 Universities
  • University of Leeds. 
  • University of Birmingham. 
  • University of York. 
  • University of Manchester. 
  • Queen Mary University of London.

Isn’t it better to talk to someone who has actual experience in the UK school system and has been in contact with reputable UK universities for many years? Divine EAC is the educational consultant who can help students get the best possible scholarships and find the most affordable places to study abroad.

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