Film Production

An ever-changing industry such as the film industry requires industry professionals to be up to date in this field. A Master’s of Fine Arts serves to continuously fill the gap in knowledgknowledge gap in international universities also expose students to the diverse cultures in these parts of the world. Students can study abroad for free through scholarships but will need some help and guidance from counselors.

There aren’t particular requirements for the program such as past experience. Although, a Bachelor’s degree in this field or similar areas is needed to obtain admission.

Best Country to Study The Course 

The United States remains the best country in terms of performing arts and all courses related to it. There are a large number of institutions that offer a combination of courses and expose students to a lot of opportunities.

Duration of course

4 years for Bachelor’s Degree

1 year for Masters Degree

Job roles

Directors, Producers, Screenwriters, Professors, Instructors, etc

Recruiting companies

Universities, Film Awards Jury Panels, Film Organizations, Media Houses, Movie Sets, etc.

Average package

Ranges from 2.3 to 7.4 LPA

Top 5 universities

American Film Institute

Los Angeles Film School

Toronto Film School

London Film School

Beijing Film Academy

It is crucial you speak with an expert on studying abroad before deciding on any institution in any foreign country. Study advisors like Divine EAC are here to provide you with all the necessary information.

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