E-Business or E-Commerce

Electronic Business (E-Business) can be simplified by saying, it is a way to conduct business using web, extranet, web, and intranet. This would incorporate purchasing and selling of products or services using electronic transactions and furnishing clients with assistance using the web. 

E-business is similar to E-commerce. However, it is more than the simple act of purchasing and selling goods and services on the web. It is the technique of using computerized data and innovative communication technology to smooth out various business measures. 

E-business can be used at all stages of the business from beginning to execution of the project. And if you are looking for the most affordable places to study abroad, then you need the help of Overseas Consultants like Divine EAC. 

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eCommerce has opened up a scope of opportunities across various fields. The career paths have revolved around the following skills: Digital marketing, Customer experience, SEO, Branding, etc. 

Best Country to do the Course

If you are looking for e-commerce to study abroad, then you should try e-commerce courses offered in Canada, which is the biggest e-commerce market with a low competition rate.

Duration of the course

3 Years for Bachelor Degree

2 Years for Masters Degree

Job roles

Traveling and Ticketing industry, retail and marketing sector, online education, hyperlocals sector

Recruiting companies

Google, Amazon, Flipkart & Snapdeal, etc

Average package offered

Ranges from 2.5 to 15 LPA

Top 5 universities

University of Rochester, New York

Clarkson University, US

University of Waikato, New Zealand

Seattle University, Washington

Deakin University, Australia

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