Business Law

Business managers and leaders can expand their area of expertise by going a step further with a Master’s degree in business law. It offers a deeper understanding of legal matters in the world of business.

Even if you started with a general legal course, you can become an industry professional by taking a business law program at the Master’s level in any local or international institution. If you are looking to study abroad, you can get in touch with Divine EAC, a education abroad consultancy.

The program exposes students to courses like negotiation, introduction to legal analysis, substantive law overview, etc. 

Best Country to Study The Course 

The UK tops the list of countries that offer the best business law programs in the world, both for international and local students. You can speak with a study abroad counselor to find out more.

Other top countries to consider are Australia, Finland, Ireland, and the USA, all offering different study packages for international students.

Duration of course

3 years for Bachelors of Law

2 years for Master’s Degree

Job roles

Lead Transaction Analysts, Data Security Managers, Wealth Counselors, Chief Information Officer, Personal Financial Adviser.

Recruiting companies

Bank of America, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, Vodafone, etc.

Average package 

Ranges from 9 to 12 LPA

Top 5 universities

University of Sussex

UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law

University of Limerick

National Law School of India University

National Law University

Getting the right information online about the course and the best university for you can be quite tasking. Consulting a counselor like Divine EAC can make the task much easier.

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