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From 21st to 24th September 2024

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How To Win?

Follow Divine EAC’s Instagram Page ( @DivineEAC ).

Fill Up the Form (This is How We Will Contact You if You Win).

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Rs. 5000


Rs. 1 x Total No. of LuckyDraw Participants


70% Off Voucher*

Rs. 3000 


60% Off Voucher*

Rs. 1000


50% Off Voucher*

🏆 4th to 14th Lucky Winners get : 40% Off Voucher* Each

Contest Rules

  • Participants must follow @DivineEAC on Instagram. (Participants not following Divine EAC at the time of the Lucky Draw will be automatically disqualified).
  • Only one entry per person allowed. (Multiple entries by one person/If you fill the form twice – It will result in automatic disqualification).
  • Participants must provide a valid contact number and Email ID.
  • To qualify, complete the Form with accurate information. (Invalid contact details will lead to automatic disqualification).
  • Winners will be selected via a lucky draw and announced on 24-09-2023.
  • 1st prize will be a minimum of Rs. 5000 or Rs. 1 multiplied by the number of participants enrolled in the LuckyDraw, whichever is higher.
  • All Discounted Vouchers are applicable to Divine EAC’s premium services (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) only and not on any courses offered by Divine EAC.
  • Incomplete or illegible entries will be disqualified.
  • Divine EAC reserves the right to modify or cancel the contest.

How Will Winners Be Decided?

  • The winner will be selected using a random number generator on 24-09-2024. 
  • The process will be 100% random and unbiased.
  • This ensures transparency and fairness in the selection process.


  • The winners will be announced on 24-09-2024, which is after the lucky draw takes place.
  • Winners will be selected live on Instagram Live!
  • The announcement will be made on Divine EAC’s official Instagram page ( @DivineEAC ) and/or Divine EAC’s website.


  • Winners will be notified via the contact information provided in the Form.
  • Winners must respond within 24 hours from the date of notification to claim their prizes.
  • Failure to respond within the specified period may result in forfeit.
  • Divine EAC will make reasonable efforts to contact the winners; however, it is the responsibility of the participants to ensure their contact details are accurate and regularly checked.
  • Divine EAC is not responsible for undelivered notifications or the inability to reach the winners due to incorrect or outdated contact information.

Prize Collection

  • Winners must collect their prizes in person at the specified location and date mentioned during the announcement.
  • Winners are be required to provide valid identification to claim their prizes.
  • The information provided in the form must match with the details on your ID proof.
  • Cash Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other alternatives.


  • Divine EAC reserves the right to disqualify participants who do not comply with the contest rules or provide false information.
  • Disqualified participants forfeit their right to any prizes.

Changes and Cancellation

  • Divine EAC reserves the right to modify or cancel the contest, including the announcement date and prize details, at its discretion.
  • Any changes or cancellations will be communicated through Divine EAC’s official channels.

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These terms and conditions are designed to ensure fairness and clarity throughout the contest and prize distribution process.