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Craft Your Path to Success with Silver Advantage

Seize the Moment: Silver Advantage for Your Dreams!

Who is this Plan for?

Silver Persona
  • Aspirants who are prepared for the process

    If you've done your homework and are eager to start your study abroad adventure, our team is ready to guide you towards your goals.

  • Aspirants who want to Advance with Assurance

    If you're already done some research and groundwork, you can count on us to provide the guidance you need to reach your study abroad destination.

  • Who’ve set their mind on 1 country

    If you've your country selected & you need guidance on the next steps.

Divine Silver Features

Silver Advantage

With our Guidance, your journey to success is more seamless and assured.

  • Complete Application Support

    Our team will be with you every step of the way, from creating your university accounts to reviewing your application before submission. We ensure your applications are error-free, thorough, and submitted on time, so you can focus on your academic journey.

  • Document Guidance

    We'll provide clear instructions on the documents you need, and our team will review and perfect your application materials, including SOPs, LORs, resume, essays, and university-specific documents, ensuring your applications are top-notch and stand out to admission committees.

Personalized Counselling

Intent + Experience! This is what sets you apart from the crowd. We’ll find you the perfect match possible!

  • Your Goal

    You get a combo of data-powered AI & experience-backed Counsellors who help you identify the best for you

  • Your Profile

    Your profile will be thoroughly evaluated, analysed & scrutinised to ensure your success!

  • Our Responsibility

    Once in the process, you'll have questions (trust us, you will), better to get answers from reliable experts.

Perfect Shortlisting

Finding the right program for you is a by-product of personalised counselling.

  • Country

    We'll help you identify country/countries that would most suit your preferences

  • Course

    You will get guidance from counsellors, who rely on experience & AI as mentioned, to help you select the best

  • University

    As per your goal, your profile & preferences, of course!

  • Post-Admit

    After you receive your admits, we'll help you finalise the best out of the best

Smart tools

One place for all your study abroad needs! These special Premium tools will make your life easier.

  • Premium Planner

    To manage & track your entire process, from thinking to flying abroad.

  • SOP Workbook

    For creating stellar SOPs in no time, with step by step instructions.

  • Study Abroad Handbook

    Your guide for all the little things of your application process, that need as much attention as others

Profile Building

Need a little boost to make your application shine out? We’ve got the serum!