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Are you a high school student dreaming of a top-tier medical school? 

Tailored specifically for students from 9th to 11th grade and those entering 12th, our program equips you with the skills, experiences, and insights needed to stand out in competitive college applications.

What is Our Profile Building Program?

Our Profile Building Program is designed for ambitious high school students from 9th to 12th grade, aiming to excel in pre-med programs. With expert mentorship, personalized roadmaps, and comprehensive support, we help you stand out in college applications and achieve your dreams.

Why Invest in
Profile Building?

Increasing Competition 📈

The stakes are high, and you did your best to get those good grades. Surely, college admission is a guarantee, right?

Consider the following:

  • In the past 6 years there has been a 100% increase in the number of CBSE and IB students
  • There has been 600% increase among those who get ‘above’ 90 – 95%.

So, the answer to the question asked above is no. It isn’t a guarantee. This increase in competition has led universities to no longer count on marks as a defining factor for admission. Hence they also focus on achievements beyond academics to gauge the calibre of students.

Your interests, expressed through hobbies, often don’t get the required exposure. Now, you have an opportunity to transform your hobbies into achievements by certifying them. These certified achievements can now demonstrate your genuine interest in the field you are applying to.

What matters is how you market yourself. Don’t just SAY it when you can SHOW it.

Colleges have introduced innovative methods to interview students before granting them admission.

  • Some universities focus on how you demonstrate your leadership qualities and creativity.
  • Others want definitive proof of your interest in the field you are applying to by assessing your skills beyond academics.

In one way or another, you need to start treading on uncharted territory. It’s now or never!

It isn’t uncommon for high school students and even parents to change their minds about higher education choices and career options. The statistics are eye-opening:

  • In grade 9, close to 63% of students who made a career decision changed their minds by the time they were ready to apply.
  • In grade 10, 41% of students and parents change their minds.
  • 28% in grade 11.
  • 21% in grade 12.

Many students even consider studying abroad as a backup. It’s important to remember that colleges and universities look at the overall achievements of students. If you haven’t yet started building your profile, you might want to start now.

Time and tide wait for none. Once it has passed, you can only reflect on what has gone by. As a high school student, every decision you make can either make or break your career. With more time, you can build a stronger profile.

  • 9th grade is the perfect time to start.
  • 10th grade is good.
  • 11th grade means you still have time.
  • 12th grade is late, and we need to rush if you want your profile to make an impact.

But don’t let that stop you. Better late than never, right?

Modern entrance requirements are evolving and include:

  • Personal Interview
  • Creative Portfolio
  • Group Discussion
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Verbal Ability Assessment
  • Logical Reasoning Test
  • Legal Aptitude Test
  • Co-Curricular Achievements
  • Extra-Curricular Achievements
  • On-the-Spot Essay
  • Leadership Roles while in School
  • Recommendation Letter

Investing in profile building ensures that you are well-prepared to meet these diverse requirements, giving you the edge needed to succeed in today’s competitive academic landscape.


Our Profile Building Program is a holistic approach to preparing for top pre-med programs, including Ivy League schools.

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Impact of Profile Building Program

Impact of Our Profile Building Program

Program Highlights

Individuality concept silhouettes
  • Stand Out in a Competitive Applicant Pool

    Highlight unique aspects of your background, craft a compelling personal statement, and ensure your CV and application are professionally formatted.

  • Academic Excellence

    Competitive Exams: Prepare for and excel in exams like NEET, and SAT Subject Tests (Biology, Chemistry) if applicable.
    Olympiads and Scholarships: Participate in national and international Olympiads (Biology, Chemistry)

  • Extracurricular Activities

    Science Clubs and Competitions: Join or initiate science clubs, participate in national science fairs, quizzes, and competitions.
    Debate and Public Speaking: Engage in debate clubs, Model UN, and public speaking events to enhance communication skills.

  • Leadership and Volunteering

    Run for a position in the school council or other leadership roles. and Participate in or organize health awareness campaigns, blood donation camps, and other community services.

  • Research and Publications

    Projects: Work on research projects under the guidance of school teachers or external mentors, aim for regional science fairs
    Publications: Try to get research papers or articles published in school or local journals.

Education Day Celebration
Improvement Potential Excellence
  • Clinical Exposure

    Shadowing Doctors: Arrange opportunities to shadow doctors during school holidays.
    Health Workshops: Attend health-related workshops and seminars.

  • Personal Development

    Time Management Skills: Develop a balanced schedule for studies and extracurriculars
    Hobbies and Interests: Pursue hobbies that demonstrate a well-rounded personality

When to get Started?


9th Grade

Plant seeds by exploring interests and activities.


10th Grade

Grow your interests, refine activities, and deepen your engagement.


11th Grade

Focus on a few key extracurriculars and maintain strong academic performance.


12th Grade

Build a cohesive narrative and demonstrate deep engagement in your chosen activities.

Grade-Wise Activity Schedule

Extra-Curricular Activities

Relevant AP Exams

SAT & ACT Test Schedule

How does it work?


Initial Assessment

We begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your current profile.


Goal Setting

Together, we set clear, achievable goals


Career Guidance


Customized Roadmap

We create a personalized plan, including academic milestones, extracurricular activities, leadership opportunities, and more.


Ongoing Support

Regular Weekly check-ins and adjustments ensure you stay on track.


Final Preparation

Intensive support during the application process to craft standout essays and secure strong recommendations.

Our Students are Confident & Successful

"The Profile Building Program transformed my academic and extracurricular profile. The mentorship and guidance made me a strong candidate for top universities."

Ananya Sharma, 12th Grade Student

"This program helped me explore my interests and develop a unique profile. The mentorship sessions were especially impactful in crafting my personal statement."

Rohan Mehta, 11th Grade Student

"The structured approach and comprehensive guidance from the Profile Building Program gave me confidence and a significant edge in my college applications."

Priya Desai, 12th Grade Student

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The Profile Building Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to help high school students, from 9th to 11th grade and those entering 12th, enhance their academic and extracurricular profiles. It prepares students for top-tier college applications, particularly for competitive medical school admissions.

This program is tailored specifically for high school students in India who are in 9th to 11th grade and those entering 12th grade. It is ideal for students who aspire to get into top medical schools and want to build a strong and competitive profile.

  • Academic excellence and standardized test preparation
  • Extracurricular activities and leadership development
  • Research and publication opportunities
  • Clinical exposure and volunteer work
  • Personal development and branding
  • Mentorship and networking

We help you identify and engage in meaningful extracurricular activities that align with your interests and goals. We also provide guidance on taking up leadership roles in school clubs, organizing community service projects, and participating in health awareness campaigns.

Your progress is monitored through regular assessments, goal-setting sessions, and monthly progress reports. We provide feedback and adjust the program as needed to ensure you are on track to achieve your goals.

Yes, students entering 12th grade can also join the program. We will tailor the program to focus on your immediate needs and help you maximize your profile within the available time frame.

The program is designed to be flexible and can be tailored to fit your needs and schedule. Typically, the program lasts for one year, but it can be adjusted based on your specific goals and timeline.

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